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QLED, OLED, and Outdoor TVs

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Samsng TVs
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Sunbite Outdoor TV's
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What are the Best TV's to Buy?

Room layout and the amount of light that enters a room during watching times are very important in choosing the best TV to buy. Each of the 3 brands of TV's we offer serves a different purpose and are best for different situations, including bright rooms, dark rooms, and outdoor applications. The models we choose are all Reliable, Fast Performing for streaming services, and amazing picture quality. Samsung QLED, Sony OLED, and Sunbite Outdoor TV's we offer it all

 Here is some information for you to make the best choice. 

samsung new 2020 qled.png
Samsng TVs

Samsung QLED TV's 

New 2020 Models

Samsung QLED ​​​

  • Bright TV's for counteracting bright rooms

  • 4K, 8K, and Lifestyle TVs

  • Great color accuracy, brightness, and volume

  • Wide range of sizes, from 32"-98"

  • Very Long Lifespan

  • Not susceptible to screen burn-in

  • Great Pricing

View our Samsung models
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Installation Sevice Areas

Sony OLED TV's

New 2020 Models

Sony OLED 

  • Perfect for darker rooms

  • Amazing black levels and contrast

  • Overall best color quality

  • 0.1ms response time

  • Wide range of sizes, from 32"-98"

  • Variable refresh rate

  • Wide viewing angle, up to 84 degrees

  • Eye comfort,you can watch for long periods of time without any eye strain.

  • Low power consumption

sunbrite tv.jpg
sunbrite_page_logo_yellow 2.png

Sunbrite Outdoor TV

Full Shade, Partial Sun, Full Sun

Sunbrite Outdoor TV

  • Bright TV's for counteracting sunlight

  • Models for full shade, partial sun, and full sun

  • Anti Glare 4k Ultra HD

  • Protective tempered glass shield 

  • Fully weatherproofed

  • Reliable

  • The #1 choice for any outdoor application

Professional Flat Screen TV Installation Services

Installation Services

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North Carolina

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  • Brunswick County, NC

  • Columbus County, NC

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  • St James, NC

  • Carolina Beach, NC

  • Kure Beach, NC

  • Fort Fisher, NC

  • Oak Island, NC

  • Ocean Isle Beach, NC

  • Holden Beach, NC

  • ​Boiling Springs Lake, NC​

  • Winnabow, NC

  • Belville, NC

  • Supply, NC

  • Bolivia, NC

  • Calabash, NC

  • Carolina Shores, NC

  • Bald Head Island, NC

  • Caswell Beach, NC

  • Sunset Beach, NC

  • Shallotte, NC

  • Varnamtown, NC

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