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OLED | Mini LED | Full-Array LED | Google TV

OLED Series

OLED screens have more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely and individually controlled. Because each pixel can be activated or turned off completely, the variation between light and dark is greatly enhanced compared to regular screens, with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights. Powered by Cognitive Processor XR and our unique panel control technology, colour and contrast are boosted for exceptionally realistic pictures. They deliver more accurate detail, depth and textures in dark scenes, making OLED TV especially good for movies.

Mini LED Series

Sony's latest Mini LED TVs control areas of the backlight, so both dark and bright subjects are presented clearly. Because Mini LEDs are much smaller and denser than conventional Full Array LEDs, they need far more precise control. Our Mini LED TVs have highly accurate backlight control that’s unique to Sony – XR Backlight Master Drive. This is why you’ll see the best and most accurate contrast possible, without flare. Scenes are full of dazzling lights, deep blacks and natural mid tones

Full-Array LED Series

With a Full Array LED backlight there are LEDs across the whole screen. This means that the power and intensity of the LEDS can be adjusted much more precisely according to the scene. So, light goes where it’s needed, and dark parts stay dark. In addition, XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness for high peaks in glare and deep blacks in shadow. Scenes look real with extra depth and detail.

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