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Extended Warranties

TVs, Audio Components, Home Theater Systems, and Projectors

2 Year, 3 Year, 4 Year, and 5 Year Extended Warranties on Devices up to $25,000. All Brands and Models. LCD, QLED, OLED TVs and more. Any Audio Component can be covered as well as Home Theater Systems and Projectors.



Consumer Priority Service Corporation

All extended warranties are offered through CPS - an international provider of repair and extended warranty services for the consumer electronics

Benefits of a CPS extended warranty

  • In-Home Service

In-Home parts and labor protection plans provide service for your products at your home or your workplace

  • No Deductible

Nearly all CPS plans are zero deductible. This means that ALL costs associated with Parts and Labor to repair your defective product are covered. Owning a CPS service plan means you’re FULLY COVERED.

  • Product Replacement

Any product that plugs in or takes a battery qualifies for this program. If your product fails to operate properly under the terms of its written warranty, we will replace it, No Questions Asked!

  • No Lemon Guarantee

If our authorized service center determines your product to be beyond economical repair or they have unsuccessfully attempted to repair your product three times, we will replace your product.

  • Full Access

With CPS you can file a claim for repair or replacement 24/7

CPS Extended Warranty Faq

Q: Which brands does CPS cover?

A: They cover all makes and models. And if CPS can’t fix it, they’ll replace it.

Q: What is the usual wait time on repairs?

A: Repairs are completed within 5 business days (not including transit time, if applicable).

Q: Is CPS comparable in coverage and pricing to what Big Box stores offer?

A: Yes, coverage is similar; the price is significantly less.

Q: What is the time frame on buying a CPS warranty?

A: You may purchase a CPS warranty any time before the manufacturers standard warranty expires or within nine months from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. We do suggest purchasing it sooner than later so you can have peace of mind that your devices are covered past the manufacturers warranty.

Q: Does the CPS warranty need to be activated or registered?

A: Yes, the warranty card must be registered within 30-days of purchase.

Q: When does the CPS warranty start?

A: It starts right after the manufacturer’s warranty on the product expires. There is never a gap in coverage.

Q: Is the warrantied product required to be plugged up to a surge protector?

A: Yes, it is. A Surge protector of at least 1200 Joules is requried

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