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Home Theater Rooms & Surround Sound

Dedicated Home Theaters, Low-Profile Media Room-Family Room Surround Sound

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Our Service

From dedicated home theaters to low profile home media rooms. We can install amazing systems that create a realistic viewing experience. Whether you are looking for a basic 5.1 surround sound, 9.2.4 Dolby atmos or anything in-between we have you covered. Custom-built packages allow us to build a great system while staying around your target budget. If you want to have an optimal viewing experience then contact us today and set up your free consultation

Service areas include Wilmington, Leland, Southport, St. James, and the surrounding areas. view more on our different types of home theater installs.

Our Process

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1st step - In-Home Consultation

We will meet with you at your home to discuss what type of home theater system you are interested in. Then we will assess the area(s) of your home you want it at and discuss with you what we offer to provide a great sounding and quality home theater system for you.

2nd Step - Free Estimate & Scheduling

After the consultation, we will send you 1-2 estimate options. These will include equipment, materials, and labor needed for a quality system and installation. Once approved a deposit request will be sent as a "pre-purchase" of equipment. Then your appointment will be placed in our schedule on an agreed-upon day

3rd Step - Installation and education

On the day of your appointment, 2-4  technicians will arrive during your scheduled arrival time. The work to be done will be discussed and verified before any work begins. Once everything is confirmed we will start our work to install your home theater or home entertainment system. After your system is installed we then educate you on how to easily use it and answer any questions you have. This installation receives a free 30 day Preferred + support membership

Home Theater Rooms

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Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation so a technician can come out to your home, assess your room layout, see what your vision is, and discuss how we can help achieve that vision. Providing our services to Wilmington, Leland, Southport, St James, and all the surrounding areas.

Custom home theater rooms create an unbelievable content viewing experience. Utilizing home theater projectors, projector screens, and surround sound technology, we can ensure a high-quality cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

With new 4k laser projection offered by Sony, you can get a shockingly bright and crisp picture. A theater room isn't complete without a proper sound system. A 5.1 surround sound system creates a circular sound area and will help you experience sound from in front and behind you. This helps you feel as if you were actually in the movie or sporting event you are watching. If you want the very best surround sound system then a 9.2.4 is what you'll need. This is a Dolby atmos 13 speaker and 2 subwoofer setup. With 9 speakers for your circular field, you'll experience sound from all angles, what sets this system apart is the Dolby atmos side. This is the .4 in 9.2.4, with 4 speakers installed in the ceiling you will move from just a circular sound field to a globe of sound.


Not only will you hear sounds from the front, sides, and back but you will experience sounds from above too. If you have experienced a surround sound system, your have probably experienced a plane flying past you from the rear speakers, pretty cool right? Well now experience that same plane not only flying from one side to the next but coming toward you or away from you and being able to determine exactly where in the sky it is. It truly is an experience! No matter the size of surround sound no theater room is complete without one. 

Home Theater Rooms

Low-profile Surround Sound Systems


Low-profile surround sound systems for family rooms

Not looking to have a truly dedicated home theater room but still want a great viewing and sound experience? We can build a great system just for what you need. From bookshelf speakers to flush-mounted in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, we can achieve a great sounding system that will blend into your room's personality. Shown above, this customer in Leland, NC opted to have 3 bookshelf style speakers installed for his front channels and 2 in-ceiling speakers for his rears. For his TV a Samsung QLED Q70R 75'. This type of installation is very popular throughout the Leland, NC and St James, NC areas since the majority of the new homes being built include this common fireplace area.  

Prefer not to have bookshelf speakers? no problem! We offer passive soundbars for your front channels or full in-ceiling/in-wall surround sound speaker systems

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Professional Home Theater Systems & Surround Sound Systems Installation Company Service Areas In

North Carolina

  • New Hanover County, NC

  • Brunswick County, NC

  • Columbus County, NC

  • Pender County, NC

  • Wilmington, NC

  • Leland, NC

  • Southport, NC

  • St James, NC

  • Carolina Beach, NC

  • Kure Beach, NC

  • Fort Fisher, NC

  • Oak Island, NC

  • Ocean Isle Beach, NC

  • Holden Beach, NC

  • ​Boiling Springs Lake, NC​

  • Winnabow, NC

  • Belville, NC

  • Supply, NC

  • Bolivia, NC

  • Calabash, NC

  • Carolina Shores, NC

  • Bald Head Island, NC

  • Caswell Beach, NC

  • Sunset Beach, NC

  • Shallotte, NC

  • Varnamtown, NC

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