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Distributed Audio Systems

Elevate your business ambiance with our cutting-edge Commercial Audio Systems

Our Service

Elevate Your Business Ambiance with Cutting-Edge Commercial Audio Solutions

At Carolina Smart Solutions, we understand the importance of creating the perfect auditory atmosphere for your commercial space. Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch distributed audio systems designed specifically for businesses, ensuring that your establishment is not just seen but heard. Transform your environment with our comprehensive range of professional audio solutions, perfectly tailored for various commercial applications.

Tailored Commercial Audio Systems for Every Business Need

Explore our range of commercial audio systems, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of different industries. Whether you're managing an office, retail space, or corporate facility, our business sound solutions are designed to elevate the ambiance seamlessly. Immerse your customers and employees in an audio experience that goes beyond background music — it's a dynamic element that enhances your brand image and influences the overall atmosphere.

Innovative Multi-Zone Audio Solutions

Experience the power of multi-zone audio solutions that enable you to control the sound environment in different areas of your business independently. From creating a vibrant atmosphere in retail spaces to providing discreet background music in office settings, our distributed audio systems offer unparalleled flexibility and precision. With our expertise in commercial audio engineering, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

Commercial Background Music Redefined

Step into a new era of commercial background music with our advanced audio solutions. Our systems go beyond the conventional, offering businesses a chance to curate a distinctive auditory identity. Elevate customer experiences, foster employee productivity, and leave a lasting impression with our carefully designed and professionally installed commercial sound solutions.

Professional Audio Installation Services

Trust our team of experts for professional audio installation services that guarantee optimal performance and reliability. Whether you need a commercial paging system, integrated audio-visual solutions, or business intercom systems, we have the proficiency to bring your vision to life. Our commercial audio engineering ensures that every component is strategically placed, delivering not just sound but an experience.

Why Choose Carolina Smart Solutions for Your Commercial Audio Needs?

At Carolina Smart Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering commercial audio solutions that transcend the ordinary. Our tailor-made systems, professional installation services, and commitment to innovation make us the go-to partner for businesses seeking to redefine their auditory landscape. Elevate your business ambiance with our cutting-edge commercial audio solutions. Contact us today to embark on a journey where sound meets sophistication, and your business becomes a symphony of success.

Wirelessly controlled Home Audio Systems tailored to your personalized wants. Discrete in-ceiling, in-wall, or in-wall speakers with hidden main components. From in-ceiling kitchen speakers to make your time cooking more pleasurable to outdoor speakers to keep the party going during those nice summer days cooking on the grill or relaxing on the patio. Our systems give you all the quality without the noticeability.  We have many satisfied clients throughout Wilmington, Leland, Southport &  the surrounding areas. 

Service areas include Wilmington, Leland, Southport, St. James, and the surrounding areas


Our Process


1st step - On Site Consultation

One of our technicians will come out to your location for free to view the layout of the site, discuss with you what you are looking for in your system, and then discuss options to help achieve that system.

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2nd Step - Free Estimate

Once the consultation is done all the information will be relayed out for an estimate build. Usually, This takes a few days to build. Once the estimate is done it will be emailed out to you for approval. Once approved the final step is the deposit and scheduling the appointment.

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3rd Step - Installation

On the day of your appointment, 2-4  technicians will arrive during your scheduled arrival time. The work to be done will be discussed and verified before any work begins. Once everything is confirmed work will start and your custom Distributed Audio System installed. Education will follow when all equipment is installed and setup.

Commercial Distributed Audio Systems Installation Company Service Areas In

North Carolina

  • New Hanover County, NC

  • Brunswick County, NC

  • Columbus County, NC

  • Pender County, NC

  • Wilmington, NC

  • Leland, NC

  • Southport, NC

  • St James, NC

  • Carolina Beach, NC

  • Kure Beach, NC

  • Fort Fisher, NC

  • Oak Island, NC

  • Ocean Isle Beach, NC

  • Holden Beach, NC

  • ​Boiling Springs Lake, NC​

  • Winnabow, NC

  • Belville, NC

  • Supply, NC

  • Bolivia, NC

  • Calabash, NC

  • Carolina Shores, NC

  • Bald Head Island, NC

  • Caswell Beach, NC

  • Sunset Beach, NC

  • Shallotte, NC

  • Varnamtown, NC

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