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How to clean your TV screen the proper way

There is a right way and many wrong ways. We go over the basics so that you can make sure your TV always looks Amazing!

Cleaning a TV screen is a simple task that anyone can do.

With the right materials you have it looking brand new within minutes. With the wrong materials it can end up looking worse than it did before you tried to clean it.

What do we suggest?

1. Microfiber Cloth

2. Electronic Screen Cleaner

We highly suggest to pick up an electronic screen cleaner and some microfiber cloths. We use a cleaner called "Screen Mom". You can get a 16oz bottle of this amazing stuff online for less than $20. Trust me, this amount will last you for years and it is by far the best cleaner that we have came across. Microfiber cloths can be bought locally or online. Usually you can get a pack of 10 for less than $5. Check your local Walmart, Lowe's Hardware, or Home Depot.


1. Spray your microfiber cloth a few times with your screen cleaner

2. Start from either the left or right side of your TV screen and wipe it with up and down motions.

3. Continue the up and down wipe until you cover the sides top to bottom and then start moving across the screen with the same up and down motions.

4. Once you get finish the screen, you can fold the cloth in half, spray it once and then start wiping the TV bezel (the plastic or metal strip on around the screen).

-By the time you start to clean the bezel the screen cleaner should be dry or close to being dry.

Simple right?

What do we not suggest?

1. Do not use a paper towel

2. Do not use Windex or any other household cleaner

3. Do not use Tap water

Paper towels can leave behind little bits of itself all over your TV screen, using this well definitely guarantee it to look worse than it did before you started to clean it.

Windex or standard household cleaner can actually damage your screen. This is the number one thing to not use when cleaning a screen.

Tap water has dissolved solids in it and when its drys on the screen you will clearly see left over sediments.

Alternatives to using a screen cleaner

Always use a microfiber cloth, if you do not have screen cleaner then you can use distilled water. Remember we do not suggest using tap water as this can leave behind sediments that show up after the water drys. Distilled Water does not have these solids in it. Just make sure to use a small amount of distilled water, if you use to much you will be able to see water streaks. If your TV just has some dust on it then you can use just a microfiber cloth without cleaner or water. If there are finger prints or any other oily residue then don not use water, use a screen cleaner as the organic compounds will help dissolved the oily substances on the TV screen. If you use water it will just smear the oily residue.

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